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Genuine Tiger Balm®Red ~ +25% Camphor

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A great classic, the Red Balm Tiger Balm® acts quickly by penetrating deeply for sore muscles or cleaning the stuck nose; it acts almost instantly and produces heat for a long time.

The Red Balm is recommended for its "Strong" effect but if you are looking for something less intense, there is the Tiger Balm® White Balm .

Conseils d'utilisation

The warm variant of the balm is ideal for soothing muscle pain. This muscle pain relief ointment also works fast to soothe the itching caused by insect bites. Rub the affected area to reduce pain, swelling and other discomfort quickly and effectively. Warm relief from muscle pain and itching due to insect bites.
Fast acting pain relieving properties, Herbal formulated ointment.

How does it work?

Its combined ingredients play a vital role in circulating blood and energy around the body. It relaxes muscles and reduces inflammation of joints and tendons (including tendonitis, etc.).

Tiger Balm is commonly used as a topical cream to treat inflammation and muscle pain. Although it contains menthol, it has been used as an alternative to products with higher concentrations of menthol, especially for those who are sensitive to the chemical.

When Tiger Balm Red or White is applied to the skin, the rubefacient and analgesic properties provide symptomatic relief of pain and discomfort associated with muscle aches and pains in muscles and joints, arthritis pain, rheumatism and back pain.

The active principles of camphor and the natural essential oils of Tiger Balm dilate the peripheral blood vessels and bring the blood closer to the surface of the skin.

This produces increased circulation and heat. The increased blood flow speeds up the healing process. It also raises the temperature of the skin and the warm sensation serves as a distraction from the pain.

The local analgesic effect reduces the sensation of pain.

Description Détaillée

A great classic, the Red Balm Tiger Balm® acts quickly by penetrating deeply for sore muscles or cleaning the stuck nose; it acts almost instantly and produces heat for a long time.

The Red Balm is recommended for its "Strong" effect but if you are looking for something less intense, there is the White Balm Tiger Balm®.

Tiger Balm® Rouge is a balm that really and quickly works for many ailments and various body pains.

It is made using the finest ingredients under strict quality control.

Why use Tiger Balm® Red?
This balm is effective against all types of pain: muscular, joint, and inflammatory, as well as for sore throats, bruises, and other abdominal pain. Namely that the local Asian populations use it for most ailments and various pains.

Remedy for headaches
Reduces bloating
Clear your nose
muscle pain
itching due to insect bites.

Camphor: Acts as a counter-irritant to produce a feeling of warmth and then a soothing coolness to help relieve pain. Camphor also acts as a rubefacient, which means it increases blood flow

Cajuput Oil and Cassia Oil (Red Tiger Balm Only): Works as a stimulant to create a warming sensation

Clove Oil: A highly aromatic oil that acts as a local anesthetic to temporarily relieve pain

Peppermint oil and menthol: Menthol dilates blood vessels to produce a cooling sensation and a temporary analgesic effect.

Red Tiger Balm - For the temporary relief of muscle and joint pain, arthritis pain, rheumatism and back pain.

What are other uses of Tiger Balm?

1- Bitten by a mosquito? Tiger Balm can help eliminate itching by applying it directly to the bite.
2-Tiger Balm is the perfect insect repellent, because mosquitoes and wasps do not like its strong scent. Leave a box of Tiger Balm in each corner of the bedroom (bed) during the summer and leave the lid open. Mosquitoes will not enter a room that smells of Tiger Balm.
3-Wooden or bamboo furniture affected by insects can benefit from a Tiger Balm treatment. Put balm on every termite hole in the affected furniture, and they will die.
4-For people with rheumatic pain, Tiger Balm can be used as an analgesic by applying it to the lower back, legs and directly to sore muscles and bones. Apply as many times as needed.
5-You painted the house, and now there are stains of paint all over your hands and arms that are not easily removed by water. Put Tiger Balm on a cloth and wipe your skin thoroughly with it. After a few minutes the paint will start to let go and you can easily remove it.
6-It is suggested that bad body odor can be cured by the use of Tiger Balm. Regularly apply Tiger Balm to the body, and bad body odor will disappear. You will smell menthol instead.
7-Do you have diarrhea? Rub a little Tiger Balm in and around the navel area, and cover it with the palm of your hand for two or three minutes to let the heat work on the stomach. You can also rub a little balm between the coccyx and the anal area for maximum effect.
8-For the first signs of a hoarse throat, apply Tiger Balm around the neck before sleeping. Rub it liberally around your neck with the palm of your hand and your throat will feel better in the morning.
9-For light burns: lightly apply the balm to the affected parts. This can help relieve pain and prevent blisters. The earlier the balm is applied, the better.
10-Tiger Balm is an excellent remedy for headaches. Rub a little Tiger Balm on both temples and reapply if necessary. Be careful not to get the balm in your eyes.
11-When you have a cold and you have a stuffy nose, it can help to put balm just under and around the nostrils to clear your nose.
If you get car sickness or seasickness easily, moisten your lips with a little balm to prevent nausea.
12-Just as Tiger Balm can help with diarrhea, it can also help with constipation. Rub a little balm around the belly to relieve the stomach.
13-German footballers have found that applying a balm to the chest and calves can help relieve pain associated with fast running.
14-For those who suffer from cold, numb feet in winter, Tiger Balm could be the solution. Rub the cream on the feet to stimulate and improve circulation.
15-Goodbye bad smells! Freshen up stinky sneakers and shoes by putting open jars of Tiger Balm where you store your shoes.


Camphor 25.0%
Menthol 10%
Cajuput oil 7%
Mint oil 6%
Clove Oil 5%
Cassia oil 5%
Paraffin and Petrolatum
weight: 30g

Made in Thailand.


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Sebastien Tetevuide

De très bons produits

Guillaume DUPONT
Visiblement le vrai

Enfin je retrouve le vrai baume du tigre. Bien qu'il ne soit pas aussi rouge d'aspect que celui que j'ai acheté ailleurs (copie certainement), celui-ci fonctionne parfaitement. Il chauffe beaucoup et soulage bien.


Produit très fort et original, fonctionne parfaitement pour ma grippe, guérison rapide.

Très forte

Très forte et efficace pour les rhumes